Digital currency is recovering and the Bitcoin is over $ 6,500

Digital currency is recovering and the Bitcoin  is over $ 6,500

The majority of digital currencies rose during Thursday's trading, and the currency of the Bitcoin to exceed the level of 6,500 dollars, recording the first daily gain in four days, the comment of the analyst at Morningstar, "Christopher Eaton," some attention, saying that the Betquin is unlikely to exceed gold from Where investment and popularity.

As of 04:30 GMT, the currency of the Betquin rose by 2.0% to trade at $ 6611.8 on the Bitfinx exchange, and the currency of the second largest digital currency by market value by 3.2% to trade at 226.8 dollars on the stock exchange, 5% to reach $ 0.54529 on the Polonix Stock Exchange, while the Latin American currency rose 2.9% to trade at $ 59.145.

"With the growing uproar of the digital market, some have suggested that the digital currency could one day replace gold as one of the most widely accepted investment assets in the world," said Eaton. "To assess this, we have created a framework to assess the degree of safety Any category of digital assets as a safe haven by focusing on liquidity, career display, future certainty and supply scarcity. By this we conclude that digital currencies do not and will not challenge gold as a class of safe assets.

"If the digital currency diverts investment in gold, the effects of gold prices will be devastating, as 40 percent of the investment is related to the demand for investment in gold, so any shift in investment in gold into a digital currency would be a seismic shock," he said.

In other news, Binance, one of the largest exchanges of digital currencies, said in a statement on Wednesday that it had invested about 2.5 million dollars in TravelByBit for payment in Australia. The Japan-based exchange aims to develop the payment system at points of sale across Airports around the world.

TravelByBit, based in Brisbane, has received about $ 100,000 from the Queensland government to promote local tourism.

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