Bitcoin is retreating slightly but remains conservative at $ 6,500

Bitcoin is retreating slightly but remains conservative at $ 6,500

The currency of the Betquin was down slightly on Monday, heading for a third consecutive daily loss, but the currency remains strong at $ 6,500, amid growing fears of a slide below $ 6,500. On digital assets in Japan, the second largest digital market in the world.

At 0810 GMT, the currency lost about 0.3% to lose $ 22 to trade at $ 6575, from the opening level of today's session at $ 6597. It hit a high of $ 6638 and a low of $ 6569 on the Betstamp.

Over the course of last week's trading, the currency of the Betquin rose by 0.35%. Last week, the currency of the Betquin lost about 1.6%, recording the first weekly loss in the last three weeks.

For the month of September, the Betquin lost about 5.9%, its second monthly loss in a row. The big losses came amid mounting concerns in the digital markets about tightened regulatory restrictions in the United States. Digital.

The Digital Currency Exchange Association, a self-regulated association, will carry out more stringent procedures for digital asset management for its customers, the Japan Times reported Thursday.

The association includes a group of the largest licensed digital currency exchange operators in Japan, established in April this year, and is currently working on further regulatory restrictions aimed at setting a certain amount of digital currency that can be managed online through Any platform for currency trading, the limit will be set at about 10% to 20% of customer deposits.

The Association is currently conducting a review of its regulatory procedures and will then be drafted and submitted to the Financial Services Agency of Japan for certification.

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