Bitcoin drops below $ 6,500 to record the lowest level in a week

Bitcoin drops below $ 6,500 to record the lowest level in a week

The currency of the Betquin fell during trading Wednesday to drop below the level of 6,500 dollars, the lowest levels in a week, this follows the decision of the South Korean government to exclude the technology of the Blockin and digital currencies from being certified as risk companies.

At 04:50 GMT, Pitcairn fell 2.2% to trade at $ 6476.7 on the Bitfinx exchange. Ethium lost the second largest currency by market value by 5.5% to trade at $ 219.96 on the Bitfinx exchange. 10.7% to trade at $ 0.52096 on the Bullionex stock exchange, and the Lithuanian currency fell 6.7% to trade at $ 57.612.

In the course of yesterday's trading, the currency fell by 1.1% for the second day in a row in light of the low rates of demand investment in the purchase of digital assets, while the total value of the market value of digital currencies lost today about 6 billion dollars to a total of 214 billion dollars, Major currencies in the market.

The government in South Korea, the third largest digital market in the world, has committed itself to the legislative proposal and to exclude the technology companies of the pluchexin and digital currencies from being risky companies, meaning that the emerging companies for digital currency trading will join the entertainment industry, gambling and bars, which will lose the financial style of ordinary companies.

In other news, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that automated trading programs are manipulating digital currency prices. These programs are also known as bots, where they automatically execute trade orders at a speed that is faster than anyone can do.

The lack of sound regulation in the digital currency markets is the main reason why the bots programs are damaging the reputation of markets and individual investors, the report said.

In other news, an unnamed Canadian bank has formed a partnership with Ontario-based Coinsquare, which will help the platform streamline its deposit and withdrawal operations and allow the company to expand globally.

The news came after Coinsquare announced plans to expand in Europe by the end of this year and Japan in 2019.

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